EA hints at return to Steam with hot drink teaser

EA hints at return to Steam with hot drink teaser

EA hints at return to Steam with hot drink teaser

– Update – Electronic Arts has officially partnered with Valve to bring EA games to Steam. More information is available to read here. 

EA’s got a steamy teaser on its Twitter account, lending credence to the recent rumours that Electronic Arts is preparing to move back onto Valve’s Steam platform. 

This comes after the discovery that Steam was gaining the ability to launch EA/Origin titles by utilising a background Origin application. Basically, it looks like EA’s games are coming to Steam, though they are likely to still need an Origin account to operate. 

Getting EA on side is a huge win for Valve, especially after the loss of Ubisoft new titles to the Epic Games Store. EA should also be able to increase their PC games sales through Steam, given Valve’ larger playerbase and the distaste that some PC gamers have towards EA’s Origin client. 

With EA moving towards its Origin Access and Origin Acces premiere services, it is easy to see why they would be willing to sell full games on Steam again. For many new games, Origin Access can offer better value, especially for single-player titles. EA is unlikely to give Valve access to its subscription revenues, which means that Origin will still remain as EA’s premiere storefront. 

EA is likely to reveal more about its rumoured Steam plans in the coming weeks. For now, EA has released this Steamy teaser.  


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