Fallout 3’s Fallout 4 engine remake receives a teaser trailer

Fallout 3's Fallout 4 engine Remake receives a teaser trailer

Fallout 3’s Fallout 4 engine remake receives a teaser trailer

A modding team called Road to Liberty is currently working to recreate Fallout 3 within Fallout 4’s Creation Engine, bringing with it an upgrade to modern graphics and some of Fallout 4’s improved features. 

The team plans to deliver all of the base game’s content to Fallout 4’s creation engine, from its locations all the way to the game’s quests, weapons and NPCs. For now, Fallout 3’s DLC content is excluded from this mod, as the base-game alone is already an insane undertaking for such a small team.  

Below is an excerpt from the mod’s FAQ, which lays out the team’s plans for their “Capital Wasteland: A Road to Liberty” mod for Fallout 4. Please note that this is not the team that aims to bring Fallout: New Vegas into Fallout 4’s creation engine. More info about Fallout 4: New Vegas is available here.  


Impossible to answer. This is a huge project where many of the members and contributers only work when they have freetime outside of their daily lives.


Potentially, though not necessarily. Our primary focus is on finishing the base game with no DLC’s, so excluding extra content from the GOTY edition we will be remaking everything within our power from weapons, armor, npc’s, quests, and locations.

On the subject of DLC: We will be adding in only DLC specific locations that appear within the main Capital Wasteland Worldspace though there will be no DLC areas accessible until we decide to work on them or not.

As for cut content it will be situational on whether or not we feel it will add to the world we’re creating, but it isn’t something we’re focusing on.


Below is the first teaser trailer for Capital Wasteland: A Road to Liberty is available to view below, giving gamers a glimpse of what this Fallout 3 remake will look like using Fallout 4’s engine.  



Those who are interested can learn more about Fallout 3’s Creation engine remake/mod here. 

At this time Capital Wasteland: A Road to Liberty has no set release date. 

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