Finally, Red Dead Redemption at 60 FPS! – Patch 1.03 makes PS5 the definitive place to replay this classic

Patch 1.03 has made PlayStation 5 the best place to play Red Dead Redemption

Patch 1.03 for Red Dead Redemption on PlayStation 5 have added one of the game’s most requested features. Red Dead Redemption now has an official 60 FPS mode. Sadly, this 60 FPS update appears to be exclusive to the game’s PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4 Pro version. So if you are playing this game on PS4, the game will remain playable exclusively at 30 FPS.

At launch, we called Red Dead Redemption’s new remaster a disappointment. The game didn’t anything much more than give the original game a simple resolution boost, and retained the original’s 30 FPS framerate. Soon after launch, Switch modders proved that 60 FPS gameplay was possible with Rockstar’s new Red Dead Redemption remaster, albeit with a lot of overclocking. If an overclocked Switch can deliver 60 FPS, why can’t a PlayStation 5? This may be what prompted the addition of a higher framerate mode to Red Dead Redemption on PS5.

With the release of update 1.03, Sony’s PlayStation 5 console has become the best place to play Red Dead Redemption. The addition of a 60 FPS mode enables smoother visuals, reduced input latency, and more responsive controls. These changes make the PlayStation 5 version of Red Dead Redemption the definitive way to play the game in 2023. It’s just a shame that Rockstar has not ported the game to PC, where even higher framerates should be achievable.

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