Gears of War: E-Day has been revealed by Xbox

Microsoft showcases the power of Unreal Engine 5 at the Xbox Games Showcase

The next generation of Gears of War is coming, and this time the series is going back in time. 14 years before the events of of the first game, E-day happened. This is the day the the Locust War started with the Locust Horde emerging from beneath the world of Sera. This is the origin story of the entire Gears franchise, and the game is stunning.

The Coalition have confirmed that Gears of War: E-Day’s Xbox Games Showcase trailer was rendered entirely in-engine. That said, Microsoft did not reveal a release date or release platforms for their new Gears game. The game is built using Unreal Engine 5, and The Coalition plans to take “full advantage” of the engine’s new features. As a result, E-Day promises “unprecedented graphical fidelity.”

Based on the trailer below, E-Day will follow Marcus Fenix and Dom Santiago  during the start of the Locust War. Humanity is unprepared for the invasion, and at the outset the Locus appear to be unstoppable.

Experience the brutal horror of Emergence Day through the eyes of Marcus Fenix in the origin story of one of gaming’s most acclaimed sagas.

Fourteen years before Gears of War, war heroes Marcus Fenix and Dom Santiago return home to face a new nightmare: the Locust Horde. These subterranean monsters, grotesque and relentless, erupt from below, laying siege on humanity itself.

Built from the ground up with Unreal Engine 5, Gears of War: E-Day delivers unprecedented graphical fidelity.

We expect E-Day to launch on both PC and Xbox Series X/S. That said, Microsoft has not officially confirmed this. When will this game release? Who knows…

Today, all we know is this. A new Gears game is coming, and it will looks fantastic.

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