Ghost of a Tale’s receives engine upgrade to deliver better visuals and performance

Ghost of a Tale's receives engine upgrade to deliver better visuals and performance

Ghost of a Tale’s receives engine upgrade to deliver better graphics and performance

SeithCG has released patch 7.26 for Ghost of a Tale, updating the game’s engine to Unity 2017.4 to provide several visual improvements and increases in game performance. 

This patch arrives as part of the game’s optimisation push for its upcoming console release, bringing several tangential benefits to PC players like updated graphical features, more efficient use of PC hardware and updates to the game’s time of day system and overall shadow quality. 

The main benefit of this update is smooth shadow transitions throughout the game’s day/night cycle, moving away from the game’s original system which had light move abruptly and remain static for 10 seconds. Patch 7.26 also offers PC players a new graphical option for bloom and fixes several holes in level geometry and a bug that allowed Tilo’s hood to go through his head. 

Ghost of a Tale is one of 2018’s indie hits, gaining very positive reviews on Steam by merging compelling visuals with compelling stealth-RPG gameplay, an impressive feat for a game that was developed by such a small studio.  

    Ghost of a Tale is an action-RPG game in which you play as Tilo, a mouse and minstrel thrown into a perilous adventure. Through stealth and cunning you’ll be able to explore the secrets of Dwindling Heights Keep and navigate its dangers.


This is not the first time that Ghost of a Tale has received a boost in graphical quality, with last month’s patch 7.05 delivering improved texture work through the use of better micro-detailing. This graphical update was inspired by Sony’s latest God of War game for the PS4, which uses a similar effect to deliver high-quality visuals. 

PC players have reported that patch 7.26 offers improved visuals but lower performance levels when playing the game at max settings, though overall the game seems to run better at lower settings. 


    Ghost of a Tale Patch 7.26 Release Notes


– A couple of holes in the sets geometry.
– Some set sectioning issues on the shore.
– Tilo’s hood can sometimes go through the top of his head.


– Major upgrade of the engine.
– Optimization pass in preparation of console release.
– Added a new visual option for bloom.
– Light and shadows from the sun now move smoothly throughout the day.
– Sunsets and sunrises as well as the game’s overall shadows quality have been improved.

Ghost of a Tale is currently available on Steam for a base price of £19.49. 

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