Half-Life Ray Traced is now available to download

Half-Life Ray Traced is now available to download

Half-Life’s full path traced mod has been released

A software engineer called “sultim-t” has today released Half-Life Ray Traced, a fully path traced version of Valve’s original Half-Life. This mod follows on from the success of the developer’s path tracing mods for DOOM, Serious Sam, and Quake, and it is probable that future ray tracing game mods are planned in the future. 

As you can see in the video below, Half-Life looks incredible with ray tracing enabled, with sultim-t’s fully path traced version offering gamers ray traced global illumination, reflections, refractions, soft shadows and other visual effects. 

The code for tis ray tracing mod for Half-Life is now available to download on GitHub, allowing owners of Half-Life on Steam to easily update their game with a fully path traced renderer. Gamers can also add Nvidia’s DLSS technology to Half-Life Ray Traced as an optional add-on, which is something that we would recommend if you own an Nvidia RTX graphics card. Let’s hope that FSR 2 support is planned for users of Non-RTX GPUs.

Half-Life: RAY TRACED features the same assets and textures as the game’s original 1998 version, which means that while the game will feature ray traced lighting and other new graphical features, the game will still maintain much of its original appearance. Don’t expect Half-Life to suddenly look better than its modern rake Black Mesa, but expect the games lighting and shadows to look a lot better than before. 

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