Leaked Marvel’s Wolverine slide appears to confirm Sony’s PS5 Pro AI Upscaling plans

Sony’s AI upscaling plans appear to be confirmed thanks to Insomniac’s data leak

A leaked slide for Insomniac Games’ upcoming Wolverine game has revealed a lot of interesting technological details. The game appears to feature some form of AI upscaling, supporting rumours that Sony plans to support the technology on their PS5 Pro console.

Last month, specifications leaked for Sony’s “Project Trinity” system. This system is Sony’s PlayStation 5 Pro, which reportedly feature a dedicated NPU (Neural Processing Unit) to handle AI workloads. The system is also said to feature a faster Zen 2 processor and a new hybrid RDNA 3/RDNA 4 GPU. Two of the main pillars of Project Trinity are upscaling and boosted ray tracing performance. Both of these improvements should allow PlayStation 5 Pro to deliver clearer, higher resolution image outputs.

Insomniac Games’ leaked slide for Marvel’s Wolverine confirms that the game will target a 60 FPS framerate in “Performance RT” mode. The game is also features dynamic weather/foliage system and real-time global illumination. The game also aims to deliver “film quality” facial animations and muscle/cloth simulations.

(Leaked Marvel’s Wolverine Slide – From Reddit)

Why the AI Upscaling matters on PS5 Pro

AI upscaling, if done well, can allow gamers to get more from their hardware. In many instances, it can be hard to tell the difference between a game running at native 4K and a game using AI upscaling to run at 4K. AI upscaling can deliver high levels of image quality at a lower performance cost than native resolution rendering. While other upscaling techniques exist, AI upscaling solutions (like Nvidia’s DLSS) typically deliver higher levels of image quality.

With PlayStation 5 Pro, Sony plans to use AI upscaling to boost the image quality of supported games on their new system. Add on the other hardware improvements offered by PlayStation 5 Pro, and Sony should be able to make games look and play much better on their new system.

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