Legendary Modder starts work on Starfield’s HD Reworked Project

Starfield will soon look better than ever thanks to Halk Hogan’s HD Reworked Project

Halk Hogan, the modder behind the legendary HD Reworked Project mods for The Witcher 3, and Cyberpunk 2077 has announced that they are now working their modding magic in Starfield, Bethesda’s new sci-fi RPG. Halk Hogan’s prior HD Reworked Projects are must download mods for their respective games, offering gamers enhanced textures that are lore friendly and incredibly detailed. A version of The Witcher 3’s HD Reworked Project even made it into The Witcher 3’s upgraded current-generation Complete Edition.

With Starfield being filled with low resolution textures, the game is a prime candidate for high resolution texture modding. While Bethesda made efforts to keep the game’s VRAM utilisation low on PC (which is great news for 6GB/8GB GPU users), users of higher-end PC hardware have the VRAM headroom for much more detailed textures in Starfield. This is where Halk Hogan’s HD Reworked Project comes in.

Below is what Halk Hogan had to say about their new Starfield HD Reworked Project

Welcome friends!

Due to the often visible low-resolution textures, I decided to create a new HD Reworked Project for Starfield, to improve the visual experience of the game. Of course, as usual, the project focuses on achieving the highest quality of textures (and perhaps models in the future), while maintaining good performance and reasonable use of video memory.

The modification is currently in an early stage of work, although the first version will be released soon. Of course, I haven’t forgotten about HDRP NextGen Edition for The Witcher 3 and HDRP 2.0 for Cyberpunk 2077, work is continuing and there will be new information soon. Thank you for your support and have a nice day!

Halk Hogan has confirmed that an early version of his Starfield mod will be available soon, and that the mod will be upgraded over time with more enhanced textures. Halk Hogan will continue working on their mods for The Witcher 3 and Cyberpunk 2077, so fans of those games can rest assured that they have not been forgotten about.

Based on the video above, Starfield’s HD Reworked Project will dramatically improve the game’s textures in many areas. Using this mod will increase Starfield’s GPU memory requirements, though Halk Hogan has stated that they want to maintain good performance with their mod and utilise “reasonable” amounts of memory. So don’t expect to need a 24GB RTX 4090 to use this Starfield texture mod.

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