Microsoft Security Essentials Goes Beta, Exceeds Download Limit

Microsoft Security Essentials Goes Beta, Exceeds Download Limit
Microsoft Security Essentials, the re-christened version of their originally announced free security application Morro, today went into public download with its beta 1.0. However, downloads are limited only to the US, China, Brazil and Israel with only the first 75,000 subscribers receiving the security application.
The move from Microsoft to launch a beta version comes in the wake of various early builds of the appliance getting leaked to the web. Microsoft will have an uphill task on its hand in terms of winning over users; most Microsoft applications tend to have too many security loopholes. The Live One-Care security suite it introduced earlier also fell badly short of expectations. Another security application from the same software house cannot be expected to be free of them.
However, early reviews following the beta downloads have been surprisingly positive. Initial reports suggest that the security software features a low memory footprint and is high on the detection rate, something that most users look for in any anti-virus/anti-spam suite. Other security solution providers however have described the application as an under-performer that leaves a lot to desire, a not so surprising description keeping in mind the competition.
While the software giant has not given any timelines about a commercial launch for the security suite, latest reports coming in as this is being written state that the 75,000 downloads limit has already been exceeded and Security Essentials is no longer available for download. Microsoft though has promised to increase the number of downloads available soon.
It now remains to be seen when the software becomes available to the public again!
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