No, Starfield and Indiana Jones are not coming to PlayStation

“Just four” Xbox games will be coming “to the other consoles” – Phil Spencer Confirms

As part of their “Updates on the Xbox Buisness” podcast, Phil Spencer has confirmed that both Starfield and Indiana Jones will remain as Xbox exclusive titles. The rumours that these games were coming to PlayStation are untrue. That said, Xbox has confirmed that “Just four” Xbox games will be coming “to the other consoles”.

Microsoft has not revealed which games are coming to rival consoles. However, they have confirmed the kinds of games that will be launching on other consoles. Microsoft are not moving away from exclusives, they just feel that some of their games would benefit from a broader audience and a larger community.

To make a long story short, do not expect Microsoft’s big budget system selling games to launch on rival platforms. Prior leaks have speculated that Sea of Thieves and Hi-Fi Rush will be coming to other console platforms. The former of these games is a multiplayer live service title, which would benefit from a larger playerbase. Not only would a multiplatform release generate sales for Microsoft, but it would allow Microsoft to invest in the game long-term. After all, live service games live and die by their player count.

As for Hi-Fi Rush, the game is not a system seller. Don’t get me wrong, Hi-Fi Rush is a great game, but it is a smaller project and isn’t a AAA exclusive. A multi-platform release of this game would generate more revenue for Microsoft, and allow them to invest more into other smaller titles and potential sequels.

Given Microsoft’s criteria for multi-platform releases, I think we can guess what other games will be going multiplatform. Like Sea of Thieves, Grounded is another live service multiplayer game that would benefit from going multiplatform. It has also been speculated that Pentiment may be going multiplatform.

Starfield and Indiana Jones are Xbox system sellers. Microsoft needs AAA exclusives to bring gamers to their platform. Exclusives are not going away, but not all Xbox games will be Xbox exclusive.

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