OCCT publisher OCBASE launches their Enterprise+ license

Press Release – OCBASE, publisher of OCCT, launches its new Enterprise+ license, a SaaS solution revolutionizing computer quality control for professionals

OCCT, a recognized leader in computer diagnostic solutions with over 60 million downloads, is proud to announce the launch of its Enterprise+ edition, a powerful addition to its software lineup. This SaaS version offers advanced and customizable features designed to boost productivity and efficiency in system stability testing operations.

A New Dimension of Stability and Performance

For hardware professionals, the reliance on the combination of multiple software tools, the lack of test procedure automation and manual result processing lead to several issues: inconsistent testing, brittle automation leading to time loss, increased risk of crashes and lack of report uniformity.

With its latest Enterprise+ version OCCT address these challenges by offering an integrated and comprehensive solution. It replaces a multitude of software tools (AIDA64, HWiNFO, CPU-Z, HWMonitor, FurMark, Prime95, LINPACK, MemTest86…) by becoming the central link for assessing quality of the production chain.

OCCT Enterprise+ will offer customization and automation of all hardware testing procedures. It will then generate an intuitive and interactive report with multiple functionalities:

  • Cloud storage.
  • Quick comparison between two systems in the database with automated detection of the closest system.
  • Quick stats for immediate issue identification.
  • Report publishing with control over visible information.
  • Report customization with company colors and logo.
  • Starting remote diagnostics to obtain system status and perform stability tests even after the system is sold to the customer.

This approach will improve testing quality and thoroughness, increase technicians’ productivity, enhance trust through reliable and efficient technical control, and enable remote management of faulty systems.

In addition to these effective features, the OCCT Enterprise+ license will provide access to OCBASE, a comprehensive repository enabling our customers to assess the performance of individual components and systems and compare them to each other. A wide range of statistics can be extracted and exploited to give valuable insights.

Undeniable Strategic Advantages

Companies adopting OCCT Enterprise+ will benefit from a range of competitive advantages:

  • Enhanced Brand Image: With stable and high-performance computers, they minimize the risk of negative feedback or inaccurate conclusions while
    reinforcing customer satisfaction and business reputation.
  • Reinforce trust: Stability testing and remote diagnostics offer a powerful commercial argument, ensuring customer peace of mind. Associating with the OCCT brand will allow them to demonstrate their commitment to quality and performance.
  • Reduced Returns: Limiting returns through quick and accurate remote diagnostics, thus reducing costs associated with repairs and diagnostics.
  • Productivity Optimization: Test automation and customization for faster processes and better use of technical resources.
  • Time Savings with Auto Analysis: Benefit from automated analysis by assessing system quality at a glance through clear visual markers in the test report

Official Launch at Computex 2024 (4th June 2024), Taiwan

OCCT will officially unveil its Enterprise+ version at Computex 2024 in Taiwan. You are invited to exclusively discover these revolutionary new features
through animations at our booth and meet our team on-site.

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