Palworld becomes an immediate hit on Steam with over 1 million purchases on day-1

Palworld, also known as “Pokemon with Guns”, has become a huge hit on Steam

Pocketpair has confirmed that their newest game, Palworld, has sold over 1 million copies since its launch on Steam Early Access. This feat has made Palworld Steam’s top selling game, and at the time of writing the game has over 350,000 concurrent players.

Palworld is a game that mixes survival, exploration, base building, and Pokemon. When the game was first revealed, it was commonly called “Pokemon with guns”, due to the game’s inclusion of firearms. Players can capture the game’s “Pals” and use them at their home base or during exploration.

As a game, Palworld feels like its part Pokemon, part Satisfactory, and part Ark: Survival Evolved. Players can gather materials, build bases and create production lines to create more advanced materials. If you capture enough Pals, you can put them to work to build, craft, farm, and more. In time, players will be able to use their Pals to automate tasks and move up the game’s tech tree.

Based on the game’s trailer, Palworld takes elements from a tonne of great games and smashes them together. As an Early Access game, gamers can expect this title to be updated over time to add new content, new pals, and to improve the game’s systems.

Right now, Palworld features of the game’s core systems. This includes monster catching, battles, exploration, building and crafting. Currently, the game features 100 monsters, a vast open world, over 350 items, and more than 70 types of buildings. That’s more than enough content to get players started.

Palworld is expected to be in Early Access for over a year, and during that time you can expect Pocketpair to work though their roadmap of planned features.

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