PC surpasses Xbox One in Ubisoft’s record Q1 financials

PC has surpasses Xbox One in Ubisoft's record Q1 financials

PC surpasses Xbox One in Ubisoft’s record Q1 financials

Ubisoft has smashed their Q1 2018 financial predictions, reporting sales of €400 million thanks primarily to growth in PRI (Player Recurring Investment), which consists of DLC, season passes, subscriptions and in-game item/currency purchases. 

Yves Guillemot, the co-founder of the company, stated that Ubisoft had “a record first quarter, which exceeded our expectations”, with the continued success of their back catalogue acting as a significant growth driver for the company. Ubisoft has proven that games can create enormous profits for the company years after release. 

Another thing to note in Ubisoft’s financials is that PC has surpassed Xbox One to become Ubisoft’s second most popular gaming platform. In fact, both PS4 and Xbox One account for a lower percentage of Ubisoft’s sales this quarter, leaving PC and Nintendo Switch as the only platforms to increase their market share within Ubisoft’s financials.

Ubisoft’s record financials show that the publisher’s games are selling well on all platforms, so Sony/Microsoft’s percentage decreases are not indicative of a reduction in sales on either platform, though the continued growth of PC and Switch will likely cause force the publisher to focus further on these platforms moving forward.    

PC has surpasses Xbox One in Ubisoft's record Q1 financials

In recent years, Ubisoft has worked hard to create better PC versions of their games, with The Division, For Honor, Far Cry 5 and Rainbow Six Siege proving to be extremely popular on both Steam and UPlay. Let’s hope that Ubisoft can continue to create solid PC releases moving forward and steer clear from problematic ports like Assassin’s Creed Origins, which released with plenty of performance issues on PC. 

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