PC’s Red Dead Redemption Damned Enhancement Project/Remaster has been Halted

PC's Red Dead Redemption Damned Enhancement Project/Remaster has been Halted

PC’s Red Dead Redemption Damned Enhancement Project has been Halted

DamnedDev, the developer/modder behind the Red Dead Redemption Demned Enhancement Project, has confirmed that the project has been “halted completely”.   

The Red Dead Redemption Damned Enhancement Project is a game-specific mod that will utilise modified versions of the Xbox 360 Xenia and PS3 RPCS3 emulators to create an x64 compatible version of Red Dead Redemption for Windows x64 PCs. This project intended to bring the Red Dead Redemption to PC, complete with new graphical elements, enhanced textures and other graphical updates. Now, the project has been halted, as the mod’s creator, DamnedDev, has been contacted by an unnamed entity (Take-Two Interactive). 

While Take-Two Interactive was not mentioned explicitly by DamnedDev, statements such as “you know who had a hand in this halt” and “who controls R*” paints a clear picture. 

DamnedDev says that he has not received a cease and desist order for his actions, though he received a “call” that warned him to be “hush”. DamnedDev later stated that “I’ve been contacting people to spread word. I’m not letting them bully me and keep my mouth shut. I complied and stopped progress but hopefully I can sort out this.” 

At the time of writing, Red Dead Redemption is only available on PS3 and Xbox 360, though Xbox One does offer support for the Xbox 360 version. Microsoft’s Xbox One X console is also able to play this game at 4K with a series of Xbox One X enhancements. 

Red Dead Redemption 2 released on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 last year. While a PC version of the game is expected, Rockstar has not officially confirmed or denied that the game is in development for additional platforms.

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