PPSSPP’s 1.15 update brings big improvements to the PSP emulator

PPSSPP's 1.15 update brings big improvements to the PSP emulator

The PSP’s PPSSPP emulator now runs faster and with fewer stutters 

Update 1.15 for the PlayStation Portable (PSP) emulator PPSSPP has arrived, and it brings some major improvements to the software on all supported platforms, which includes Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, and iOS. 

The big change that comes with PPSSPP version 1.15 is a massive reduction in shader compilation stutters, thanks to an increased level of parallelisation when compiling shader variants and improvements that dramatically reduce the number of shaders that need to be compiled. It is said that the number of shaders that many games need to compile have been reduced by as much as half, and it is likely that further improvements will reduce this shader count further. All in all, shader compilation stutters is now a greatly reduced issue in PPSSPP version 1.15. 

Update 1.15 also adds useful features like Integer scaling, increases the emulator’s game compatibility, and has delivered some new performance improvements into the mix. Version 1.15 is also one of the first versions of PPSSPP that officially supports macOS. This support has only been available since version 1.14.4

PPSSPP's 1.15 update brings big improvements to the PSP emulator

Sony’s PlayStation Portable was a great gaming system, and many games from the platform are unavailable anywhere else. This makes PPSSPP a vital tool for game preservation, as official PSP hardware is only going to get rarer, and sooner or later it’s going to be almost impossible to play the system’s games without tools like PPSSPP. 

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