PUBG has a lot of performance issues on Xbox One

PUBG has a a lot of performance issues on Xbox One

PUBG has a lot of performance issues on Xbox One

Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds has now been released on Xbox One, bringing one of today’s most popular PC games onto Xbox Early Access. PUBG has never been known for being “well optimised” on PC or for impressive framerates on both old and new gaming hardware, making it unsurprising to see widespread reports of low framerates as the game hits Xbox One. 

What needs to be remembered here is that PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is an Early Access title on Xbox One, which means that performance improvements are expected as the game is developed further. Given the game’s reputation on PC, it is surprising that the game is even possible on modern consoles, though it seems that a lot of visual sacrifices are made to allow the game to run on Xbox One, especially outside of the Xbox One X. 

Eurogamer’s Digital Foundry has created an in-depth initial report on the game’s performance on Xbox One and Xbox One X, which states that the game runs at 1080p on Xbox One and a native 4K on Xbox One X, with the standard Xbox One offering extremely low levels of texture quality and frequent framerate dips. 

Even the power of the Xbox One X is unable to deliver a steady 30FPS framerate in this title, suggesting that it is more than just GPU horsepower that is preventing the game from achieving a stable framerate on the platform.

Digital Foundry found framerates to be exceptionally low on foliage-heavy areas, when a large number of players is in a single lobby and when initially parachuting into the game’s large island map. When starting the game, Digital Foundry noted a performance dip that reached the abysmal framerate of just 4FPS, showcasing just how far PUBG has to go on the platform before the game’s framerate could be considered stable. 


When comparing the framerates of Microsoft’s Xbox One and Xbox One X the difference was clear, with Microsoft’s higher-end Xbox One X console providing a performance delta of 5-10 FPS in certain scenes, making the Xbox One X the most stable of the two console versions. That being said the Xbox One X version is still far from achieving a steady 30FPS, though this may change over time as the game is developed further. 

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