Reddit adds two-factor authentication

Reddit has added two-factor authentication

Reddit has added two-factor authentication

Security remains one of the primary problems of the digital age, presenting new opportunities for potential identity theft and a host of additional issues.

The need for stronger security has led to the introduction of a range of new protective features that go beyond simple usernames and passwords, providing new methods of identity verification that are designed to keep internet user safe.      

Reddit, the world’s largest discussion board, has implemented a new security measure called two-factor authentication (2FA), which adds an extra layer of security to a user’s account if they desire it. Users of the site can still opt just to use a standard email or even have no email attached to their account if they wish, though be aware that this makes accounts more likely to be stolen if someone else obtains your username and password. 

The 2FA implementation used by Reddit will require the use of an authenticator app like Google Authenticator or Authy, which will generate a 6-digit verification code whenever someone tried to log into your Reddit account. This new feature will prevent users from logging into your Reddit account even if they have your username and password, keeping your account safe. 

Reddit has added two-factor authentication  

Reddit has also offered users the ability to create up to ten backup codes, which are usable for a one-time login, allowing users to access their account when their mobile phone is unavailable. This feature will be useful in the event you break your phone or otherwise lose it.

These new options will become available under Reddit’s password/email tab within their user preferences section. More information about Reddit’s 2FA implementation is available to view here.  

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