Resident Evil 5 has receives an “Ultimate HD” upgrade with this mod

Resident Evil 5 now looks better than ever on PC thanks to the game’s new Ultimate HD mod

Resident Evil 5 has received an HD texture pack on PC thanks to the efforts of a modder called TEXremaster. This mod is “Ultimate HD Edition” RE5, and it is available to download now on Nexus Mods.

Right now, it is unknown if Capcom has any plans to remake Resident Evil 5. Resident Evil 4’s recent remake was a huge success, but there are many other Resident Evil titles that Capcom can remake before tacking RE5. If I’m totally honest, I hope they remake Code Veronica first.

With the game’s Ultimate HD Edition Mod, a huge number of the game’s textures have been reworked. This includes character textures, for characters, enemies, and five of the game’s maps. Future editions of this mod should add additional HD textures to the game.

While this mod does noting to improve the game’s lighting or models, HD textures help to make the game look much better on modern high definition displays. Screen resolutions have increased greatly since RE5 launched in 2009.

TEXremaster, the creator of RE5’s Ultimate HD Edition mod, has stated that he will need a new PC to complete this modding project. As such, they have added donation options to the Nexus Mods page, and YouTube videos of this mod. The mod itself is free to download, but it is unclear if the mod’s development will continue.

PC gamers can download Resident Evil 5’s Ultimate HD Edition mod over at Nexus Mods.

You can join the discussion on the Ultimate HD Edition mod for Resident Evil 5 on the OC3D Forums.

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