Returnal’s latest PC patch reduced stuttering and reduces the game’s install size

Returnal's latest PC patch reduced stuttering and reduces the game's install size

Expect fewer stutters and crashes with Returnal’s latest PC patch

A new patch has been released for the PC version of Returnal, and it has added new optimisations to the game, reducing instances of stuttering within the game for users of CPUs with fewer than eight CPU cores and for gamers who utilise ray tracing when playing the game.

Returnal is an award-winning 3rd person rogue-like bullet hell title from Housemarque, which originally released on PlayStation 5 in 2021. The game has since arrived on PC through Steam and the Epic Games Store, arriving on February 15th.

Returnal’s latest update also fixes various crashes that could affect PC users, and allows Intel’s XeSS upscaling technology to work for users of Non-Intel graphics hardware. Additionally, this update also fixes a bug that caused the game to not display correctly on 3840×1600 displays.

Returnal's latest PC patch reduced stuttering and reduces the game's install size

It has also been confirmed that new patches for Returnal are in the works that will increase the game’s performance on PC, fix issues that can prevent Translocators from registering, and several fixes that will improve co-op gameplay.

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– Multiple optimisation improvements to reduce stuttering on CPUs with fewer than 8 cores.
– Updated PSO system to reduce stuttering when Ray Tracing is enabled.
– Fixed crash that can occur when finding or using translocators.
– Fixed crash that can occur during various combat or high particle effect situations.
– Enabled Intel’s XeSS screen scaling technology on non-Intel hardware.
– Fixed blocker that can occur when killing the Typhonops and using a Reconstructor.
– Fixed 3840×1600 resolutions not displaying correctly.
– Fixed Steam overlay run time being out of sync with in-game cycle time.
– Optimised installation process to reduce file size.


We’re continuing to read through your feedback and are working on further performance improvements for a future patch, along with a fix for Translocators sometimes not registering and a number of fixes to the Co-Op experience.