Romero’s Ultimate DOOM Successor, SIGIL, will be released on May 31st

Romero's Ultimate DOOM Successor, Sigil, has been Delayed - Again

Romero’s Ultimate DOOM Successor, SIGIL, will be released on May 31st

Ramero Games has confirmed that SIGIL, the spiritual successor to Ultimate DOOM, will release as a free Megawad on May 31st at 11 am BST. This comes after multiple delays for the free-to-play game, with the title’s premium/boxed editions having been hit with several manufacturing delays. 

The physical release of SIGIL is designed for the most hardcore of Romero’s fanbase, making it unfair for the game’s free Editions to release before paying customers received access, forcing Romero to delay the game multiple times. 

Originally, SIGIL was set to release in mid-February, but a few snags in the game’s production have resulted in both the free and boxed versions of the game being delayed. SIGIL will release as a free WAD for DOOM, with two Limited Edition boxed version of the game releasing at Limited Run Games (1, 2), a move that will no doubt satisfy collectors. The game will start where DOOM Episode 4 left off, with plans to launch with nine single-player levels, and nine new deathmatch levels. 

One thing that is worth noting is that SIGIL is in no way affiliated with id Software or their owner ZeniMax Media, releasing without their approval. 

John Romero's Ultimate DOOM Successor Sigil has been delayed

The importance of DOOM to the gaming industry cannot be understated, spawning game ports which range from consoles like the Sega 32X, handheld platforms like the Game Boy Advance and relatively recent systems like Sony’s PlayStation 3. The game’s DOOM Engine (id Tech 1) also became one of the first game engines to be licensed to 3rd parties, a practice that allowed the DOOM engine to act as the baseline of many early pseudo-3D game engines.

The Limited Run “Big Box” version of SIGIL was available for $40 while the game’s “Beast Box” edition costs a hefty $166. Both versions are now out of stock, though this shouldn’t be a major concern for gamers given the fact that the game’s WAD files will be available for free. The boxed editions of SIGIL are designed to be a collector’s items.

SIGIL will be available as a free download on the Romero Games website on May 31st. 

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