Scotland is coming to Civilization VI

Scotland is coming to Civilization VI

Scotland is coming to Civilization VI

Firaxis has revealed Civilization VI’s newest faction, Scotland, which will come to the game with the release of its Rise and Fall expansion, which is due to release on February 8th.   

While England focuses on their Navy and their multi-continental ambitions, Scotland aims to be the centre of production and science thanks to their ability “Scottish Enlightenment”, which gives extra science and production to happy and ecstatic cities as well as additional Great Scientist points from campuses and extra Great Engineer points from Industrial Zones. 

Scotland’s unique improvement is the Golf Course, providing cities with a free amenity, gold and Culture if it is built beside a city and/or an entertainment district. This tile improvement allows Scotland to keep their cities happier, which will be invaluable during wars and other troubling times, making the “Scottish Enlightenment” ability easier to access. 

The Highlander will act as Scotland’s unique unit, serving as a recon focused replacement for the Ranger with combat bonuses when fighting on hills or in woods. 



With a focus on production and science, Scotland is a Civilization that is suitable for every victory type in the game, whether it is a scientific victory or a military one, provided you push your science and production into your army. 

The only oddity here is the fact that Queen Victoria is already part of Civilization VI, a British Monarch who was Queen of both England and Scotland, though that doesn’t make Scotland any less deserving of a place within the game. 

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