Square Enix accidentally reveals Octopath Traveler’s PC version

Octopath Traveller may be coming to PC

Square Enix accidentally reveals Octopath Traveler’s PC version

Last week, a PC version of Octopath Traveler appeared on the website of the Korean Game Rating and Administration Committee, hinting at a soon to be released PC version of the title. Now, Square Enix has semi-confirmed that the game is indeed coming to the platform, publishing a reveal blog post for the title only to delete it after a short time online. 

In their blog post, Square Enix confirmed that the game would be coming to PC via Steam on June 7th, less than two months from now, bringing the game to a non-Nintendo platform for the first time.

As an Unreal Engine 4 game, Octopath Traveler has a relatively easy gateway to other platforms, especially given the Nintendo Switch’s relative hardware weakness as a mobile-focused console. This means that the PC version of the game should be very easy to run, which is great news for gamers who want to play the game at higher framerates or resolutions. 

Octopath Traveler is a retro-style RPG with a unique “HD-2D” art style, merging the graphical styles of classic SNES RPGs with the perks of modern 3D hardware and rendering techniques, providing longtime RPG fans with a breathtaking, yet familiar, look and feel. 

Below is a portion of Square Enix’s now-deleted blog post; 

    We have some very exciting news for PC gamers. Octopath Traveler is coming to Steam on June 7, 2019! So, yknow, add it to your Wishlist now.

The critically-acclaimed RPG has previously only been available on Nintendo Switch, so this will be the first time non-Nintendo owners can experience the game.

What is Octopath Traveler about?

Set in the beautiful, but dangerous, world of Osterra, Octopath Traveler puts you in control of 8 unique heroes – each with their own skillset, motivations and storylines. You can play as:

  • Olberic: an experienced knight in search of redemption.
  • Cyrus: a scholar whose book smarts don’t always equate to common sense.
  • Tressa: an enthusiastic merchant who is travelling the world to hone her skills.
  • Ophelia: a noble cleric on a pilgrimage to Orsterra’s holy sites.
  • Primrose: a fallen noble on a quest to avenge her murdered father.
  • Alfyn: a naive apothecary determined to help people whatever the cost.
  • Therion: a skilled thief trapped in an impossible situation.
  • H’annit: an expert hunter, tracking down her missing master.

You can start the game with any of those characters, and build your party in any order you want. Each one has a distinct class, and unique ‘Path Actions’ – abilities they can use out of combat to progress their adventure.

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