Starfield’s latest beta update adds over 400 fixes, photo mode expressions and another performance boost

Here’s what you need to know about Starfield’s latest beta update

Bethesda has released a new beta update for Starfield on Steam. This patch, update 1.10.30 has added over 400 fixes to the game, new quality of life changes, and “photo mode expressions”. This update is due to be rolled out to all PC and Xbox players over the coming weeks.

On PC, gamers can expect to see a new Anisotropic Filtering option, less flickering when FSR and DLSS is used, and “various minor performance improvements”. A huge number of quests have also received fixes, and many minor graphical issues have been squashed.

Update 1.10.30 may be the largest beta update that Starfield has ever received. Thankfully, its main feature improvements are easy to summarise.

  • PHOTOMODE: Added the ability to set Expressions and Poses on player and companions in Photomode.
  • SCANNER: You can now open doors and harvest with the scanner opened.
  • Setting course on an inactive quest will now make it the active quest.
  • Added support for adjusting FOV when using 3rd Person Ship view.
  • Added an Anisotropic filtering quality slider (PC).
  • Removed the digipick cost for using Undo during the Security mini-game.
  • Added an autosave when fast travelling from a planet’s surface to orbit.
  • Updated the Ship UI to perform more smoothly at higher framerates.

Bethesda Game Studios plans to support Starfield long-term with new content updates and expansions. Later this year, Starfield should receive its “Shattered Space” expansion and a series of free content updates. At this time, it is unknown how many expansions Bethesda/Microsoft has planned for Starfield.

This year, Starfield is due to receive new features in the form of City Maps, new ways to travel, new ship customisation options, and new difficulty options. These additions will be available for free to all Starfield players.

Full release notes for Starfield’s 1.10.30 update are available here.

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