The Humble Indie Bundle 19 is now live

The Humble Indie Bundle 19 is now live

The Humble Indie Bundle 19 is now live

Humble has launched their new Indie bundle 19, offering pc gamers a large number of positively reviewed Steam games at bargain basement prices. This bundle includes popular titles like SOMA, Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes and the popular slo-mo shooter SuperHot. 

Like most Humble’s bundles, the revenue raised by the Indie Bundle 19 will be shared between developers, Humble and a charity, with AMURT (a charity specialising in emergency relief and sustainable development) being Humble’s chosen charity for this month. Users can choose to give money to a different charity if they wish. 

By default, 15% of the revenue raised by this bundle will go to charity, with 20% going to Humble and 65% going to the developers of the included games. These numbers can be changed by users, allowing all the money raised from specific donations to got 100% to charity if the user wishes.

  A prime number for prime games! You can’t divide 19, and you can’t divide us from our indie roots. The Humble Indie Bundle 19 has DRM-free builds *and* Steam keys for an awesome lineup of games, for Windows, Mac, and Linux too. Get SUPERHOT, Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes, SOMA, Rakuen, and more!


Below is a list of all three of tiers of the Humble Indie Bundle 19:

Pay $1 or more

– Halcyon 6: Lightspeed Edition
– Mini Metro
– Rakuen

Pay More than Average (currently £3.18)

– Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes
– Poly Bridge
– More coming next week

Pay $15



The Humble Indie Bundle 19 is now live  

PC gamers who are interested in this bundle can find out more on the Humble Store.

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