The Sniper Update Day 4

The Sniper Spy Update Day 4. spy
Surprised? You’re not the only one!
It appears that Valve has been playing us for fools if the latest batch of information is anything to go by. We will not only receive the Sniper update, but that of the Spy also. Two unlockable weapons for the master of disguise have appeared on the latest update to the TF2 Blog.
Clearly circled in the Dapper Rogue Catalogue, “Catalogue for the Gentleman Scoundrel” is the “Dead Ringer” spy watch, a golden pocket watch that after you have received a non-critical hit, enables your cloak for 8 seconds, and leaves a spy corpse on the ground. Now that the enemy thinks you are dead, you can sneak up behind him and deliver an almighty stab in the back to bring him to his knees.
The “Cloak and Dagger” spy watch puts a different slant on spying. With the Cloak and Dagger, standing still regenerates your cloak, allowing indefinite cloaking ability. Should you decide to move, your cloak will drain and reveal your body for all to see.

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