Total War: Warhammer 3’s Campaign Map Looks Fantastic

Total War: Warhammer 3's Campaign Map Looks Fantastic

Here’s our first look at Total War: Warhammer III’s campaign map

Total War: Warhammer III is coming to PC on February 17th 2022 on Steam, the Epic Games Store, and via PC Game Pass, and it will be the last game in the Total War Warhammer trilogy.

In their latest reveal, Creative Assembly showcased Total War Warhammer III’s campaign map for the first time, showcasing the frozen wastes of Kislev, the deadly Mountains of Mourn, and the isolated lands of Grand Cathay. Total War Warhammer III is sure to feature one of the most varied Total War maps to date, and it is beautiful.
At the start of the trailer, we get the see the Empire of Kislev, where we immediately see that Total War Warhammer III’s campaign map will be a lot more details than its predecessors. Trees appear to be more three-dimensional, maintains are more geometrically complex, and each area of the game’s campaign map is filled with additional details.

While the trailer below showcases Total War: Warhammer III’s campaign map with characters dotted around the landscape, it remains to be seen whether the real final game will feature roaming NPCs like this. These details could be trailer-specific features, which may be restricted to campaign opening in the final game. That said, it is incredible to see giants and mechanised terracotta warriors roaming the land. 

With Total War Warhammer III focusing on, Kislev, Grand Cathay, the Chaos Gods, and the Ogre Kingdoms, the game should be one of the most varied Total War titles to date. Beyond that, owners of the prior two games will receive access to a vast Mortal Empires campaign map as part of Creative Assembly’s post-launch update plans. 

Total War Warhammer III’s Mortal Empires update is designed to feature the areas present in Total War Warhammer I, II and III, giving gamers access to what should be the entire world of Warhammer fantasy. This is what will make Total War Warhammer III the ultimate Total War Warhammer experience, bringing in factions from all three Total War Warhammer games to create Total War campaigns with a global scale.

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