Total War Pharaoh has been revealed

Total War Pharaoh has been revealed

Creative Assembly has revealed Total War Pharaoh – A new historical Total War game

Total War Pharaoh has been revealed, a new historical Total War game from Creative Assembly that brings gamers to 1200 BC, at the end of the reign of the great Pharaoh Merneptah and at the start of a succession crisis. 

For the first time, Total War fans will be able to see Egypt at the hight of its power, and for the first time players will need to overcome not just their opponents on the battlefield, but the affects of weather on terrain. Torrential rain and sandstorms can impact the outcomes of battles, and battlefields can become engulfed in flames as fire becomes a larger threat than ever. 

Total War Pharaoh is coming to PC this October and will launch on both Steam and the Epic Games Store for £49.99. More premium editions of the game will be available, with the game’s £77.96 Dynasty Edition coming with the game, three faction pack DLCs, a campaign DLC, and the game’s digital soundtrack. These included DLC packs will arrive as Creative Assembly progresses through Total War Pharaoh’s post-launch DLC roadmap. 

Total War Pharaoh will place gamers in a new time period and allow them to see Egypt when it was one of the world’s leading powers. This is a time that has never been explored by a Total War game, a factor that should make this game an interesting addition to the gaming libraries of any Total War fan. That said, there are a lot of gamers who would have preferred to have seen a modern incarnation of Total War: Medieval, or Total War Empire. 

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