Ubisoft’s Anno 1800 has been delayed

Ubisoft's Anno 1800 has been delayed

Ubisoft’s Anno 1800 has been delayed

Anno 1800 was originally set to release on February 26th, little more than a month away. Now, Ubisoft has confirmed that Anno 1800 will be delayed until April 16th, giving the game’s developers seven more weeks of development time to ensure that the game lives up to its potential. 

Starting on January 31st, some PC gamers will be given access to Anno 1800’s “Closed Beta” test, an NDA-free test which will allow players to stream gameplay, create videos and otherwise discuss the game in its beta state. 

With this announcement, Ubisoft has also stated that Anno 1800 will continue to be developed after launch, with the developers planning to release post-launch DLC content for the title.

Ubisoft has also confirmed that the company will reveal more information about the game’s campaign and multiplayer support over the coming weeks.   


   Today we have an important update for all our Anno Union members: The release date of Anno 1800 will now be April 16, 2019.

This wasn’t an easy decision for us because we know how much you are looking forward to the release, and we ourselves can’t wait to have you all experience the full game. Since the announcement of the game at Gamescom 2017, we have always been committed to deliver the best Anno experience possible at launch.
We are very happy with where the game and its wide mix of new and classic features are today, but we know that it can be even better with a little additional polish and tuning. These extra weeks will allow us to deliver a game that fully lives up to its potential.

Of course, you don’t have to just take our word for it! Starting next week on January 31st, our Closed Beta test will allow many of you to get your hands on the game to see for yourself how we are bringing the world of the industrial revolution to Anno. On that note, we are also happy to confirm that the Closed Beta won’t have any NDA- so feel free to discuss, create videos or to stream the game to your heart’s content.

In the coming weeks to launch, you can look forward to more news and details regarding Anno 1800 right here on the Union, as we discuss an all-new feature, give you more details on the multiplayer, lift the curtain on Anno 1800’s campaign and preview the game’s orchestral soundtrack. You should also keep an eye out for previews from a variety of websites who recently got their hands on the game.


Fans of the Anno series can sign up for potential Anno 1800 Beta access here. 

You can join the discussion on Anno 1800’s delay on the OC3D Forums.