Unigine’s Superposition benchmark will not be coming to Steam

Unigine delays their Superposition Benchmark until Q1 2017

Unigine’s Superposition benchmarks will not be coming to Steam


Steam has blocked Unigine’s application to add their future “Superposition” benchmark to the platform, stating that the “benchmark” is not suitable for Greenlight. 

This was announced earlier today as part of Unigine’s first announcement of 2017, expressing the companies disappointment in Valve for not letting their application on their service, despite the fact that it was recently the number one application on Steam Greenlight. 


   The first announcement in this year, unfortunately, won’t be very cheering. Superposition Benchmark was excluded out of the Greenlight after three months of active voting.

It was #1 recently, but was declined by Steam moderation team because ‘benchmark’ is not kind of software that allowed to take part in Greenlight at the moment. Well, this is the unpleasant surprise for us as well, but those are the Steam rules.

Nevertheless UNIGINE team is grateful for your fantastic support, numerous comments and inspiring vote rate! Your vivid interest means a lot for us. Thank you, guys! 🙂


Unigine’s Superposition Benchmark will still be released as a standalone application, with an expected release date in Q1 2017. 


Unigine's Superposition benchmarks will not be coming to Steam 

Unigine’s benchmark utilities have been highly popular for nearly a decade, starting with Sanctuary, then Tropics, Heaven and Valley. 

Even now we still use Unigine Valley benchmarking tool to measure GPU performance, but soon Unigine will be releasing an entirely new benchmark, Superposition, which is based on their Unigine 2 Engine, and will support DirectX 11, OpenGL 4.5 and both the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive.  
Alongside a traditional performance test, Unigine Superposition will also contain a GPU cooling stress test, which will help you test your GPU’s load temperatures and overclock stability as well as a dedicated VR mode and an interactive mode with several mini-games. 
This benchmark will support both Windows and Linux, with scalable settings to cover a wide range of hardware, be it APUs to enthusiast grade desktop GPUs.
You can find out more about Unigine’s Superposition Benchmark on the software’s Steam Greenlight page. 


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