Valve Unlocks Mod Tools for Left 4 Dead

Valve Unlocks Mod Tools for Left 4 Dead
Users can now generate their own content for Left 4 Dead with the open beta mod toolsValve has officially launched the open beta of the mod tools of their highly popular Left 4 Dead game. The unlocking of the tools makes it easy for users to create new content for the game.
A modified version of the kit used at Valve to develop the actual game, the tools come with a full SDK for Left 4 Dead. By releasing the tools, Valve aims to increase gamer participation in the modding community for the game and get developers interested in creating new skins, maps and campaigns for the game.
According to the publisher, users can develop everything from sounds to complete campaigns through the new tools. Once player content is ready, the new matchmaking and server browsing system currently being tweaked by Valve should help integrate the mods into the full game. Valve is also working on a new update for the game that will make the content created through the modding tools available to non-modding players quickly and easily.
That is just about all the news on Left 4 Dead at the moment. The tools are currently available for download on Steam and if you are a Left 4 Dead fan, all you need to do is download them and start cracking. If you do not fancy yourself a modder, then you just need to wait for the mods to start making their way to the full game.
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