Watch Bethesda’s Quakecon 2019 Keynote here

Watch Bethesda's Quakecon 2018 Keynote here

Watch Bethesda’s Quakecon 2019 Keynote here

Bethesda’s Quakecon 2018 keynote is due to start today at 5 PM BST, giving gamers their first chance to see DOOM Eternal multiplayer gameplay and receive updates from developers from id Software, Machine Games, Bethesda Softworks and Bethesda Game Studios. 

One of the highlights of this year’s keynote will be DOOM Eternal, which will release later this year with a multiplayer mode called BATTLEMODE alongside an action-packed single-player campaign. DOOM Eternal will also support real-time ray tracing through Nvidia’s RTX technology (more info here), a first for id Software. 
Join members of Bethesda & id Software for the annual QuakeCon Keynote, highlighted by a new look at DOOM Eternal’s multiplayer mode, BATTLEMODE! Don’t miss it!

Following the Keynote, an all-star panel of Bethesda developers takes a look back at how DOOM’s launch 25 years ago impacted the video game industry and the games that followed. Featuring leads from id Software, MachineGames, Bethesda Game Studios, and Bethesda Softworks, this roundtable discussion will cover games old and new, and trends in shooters and beyond.

Panelists include Hugo Martin (Creative Director, id Software), Jerk Gustafsson (Executive Producer, MachineGames), Todd Vaughn (Senior Vice President of Development, Bethesda Softworks), Tom Mustain (Co-Studio Director, Bethesda Game Studios), and Kevin Cloud (Senior Producer, id Software). Hosted by Jason Leavey and Matt Grandstaff.


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