Windows XP 2024 Edition is everything I want from a new OS

Windows XP 2024 is the OS I wish was real

2024 is here, and rumour has it that Microsoft plans to announce/release Windows 12 this year. Yes, another new OS from Microsoft. Windows XP may be a dead OS, but it still holds a place in our hearts, and with Windows XP 2024 Edition, we can see what a revived Windows XP could look like.

AR 4789 has designed and showcased a modern interpretation of Windows XP 2024 Edition. The OS’ design is familiar, yet new, and feels remarkably simple. There is no Cortana, no AI Co-Pilot, or an extreme amount of unwanted, pre-installed software. XP 2024 Edition is a call-back to simpler times, before your OS could show you ads, and when the Windows search function was a useful feature (No, I don’t want you to search using Bing!).

Honestly, now that I have seen it, I am a little sad that Windows XP 2024 Edition doesn’t exist. It is a concept, nothing more. It is a shame that Microsoft cannot create a new version of Windows that runs as smoothly as AR 4789’s concepts. Watch the video below to see it for yourself.

With a simple UI, a nice looking dark mode and its iconic wallpaper, Windows XP looks great in its modern form. Like many PC users, I remember Windows XP and Windows 7 more fondly than their successors. While nostalgia plays a role here, so do other factors. Many aspects of Windows 11 are unwanted. Login requirements, changes to Windows Search, and taskbar changes, are all bugbears. Windows 12 is unlikely to address these issues, and moving to Linux is a step too far for most PC users.

Today, Windows XP is practically extinct. Even newer OS’ like Windows 7 and 8 are becoming an increasingly rare sight. This week Steam dropped support for pre-Windows 10 OS’. Windows 7 will be 15 years old this year, which means that it is getting close to “Retro” status. By comparison, Windows XP is practically ancient. Even so, I still like it, and I love the idea of its 2024 reimagining.

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