Cities Skylines 2’s latest patch adds DLSS support to the city builder

Nvidia’s DLSS Super Resolution tech has come to Cities Skylines 2

Patch 1.1.2f1 has arrived for Cities Skylines 2, and it has delivered a suite of new optimisations to the city building game alongside support for Nvidia’s DLSS Super Resolution technology.

Sadly, AMD FSR and Intel XeSS remains missing from Colossal Order’s newest city builder. At this time it is unknown when these alternative upscaling solutions will come to the game. Based on the game’s patch notes, it also looks like Nvidia’s DLSS Frame Generation technology may also be missing from the game.

Alongside Nvidia’s Super Resolution technology, Colossal Order has added a range of performance optimisations to their game. This includes changes to pathfinding, the game’s UI. Changes have also been made to “reduce frame spikes.

This new update also features a range of bug fixes and improvements. This includes improvements to the game’s modding tools.

This week, Colossal Order has also made Cities Skylines 2’s Beach Properties DLC free for all users. This content is now part of the base Cities Skylines 2 experience. Existing owners of this DLC have been refunded.

Cities Skylines 2’s development is now focused on improving the base game. That means that gamers can expect free patches before work resumes on DLC content. Colossal Order have also claims to be working with prominent members of the Cities Skylines community on their development plans. The game’s Bridges and Ports Expansion has been delayed until 2025.

You can join the discussion on DLSS coming to Cities Skylines 2 on the OC3D Forums.

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