Razer makes VR more comfortable with their new Meta Quest 3 accessories

Razer augments the Meta Quest 3 VR experience with their head strap and “facial interface” add-ons

Razer has arrived to make with world of VR a little more comfortable. This time, Meta’s Quest 3 headset is the company’s target, with Razer creating a new facial interface and adjustable strap for the headset.

In collaboration with ResMED-Human, Razer have created these officially licensed VR headset add-ons to deliver long-lasting comfort and increased ease of use to Quest 3 users. The facial interface is designed to deliver better ventilation, reduce skin irritation, and to be easier and be more hygienic. The head strap is designed to comfortable and durable. It’s “slip-on” design also makes it easier to stop and resume VR play.

At $69.99 each, these add-ons are expensive. That said, increased comfort is enough to completely transform the VR gaming experience, especially in more active titles. If you want to have longer VR gaming sessions, or just have a more comfortable VR experience, it is hard to argue with the merits of these kinds of accessories.

As a licensed accessories, these new Quest 3 addons are available from both Meta and Razer directly. Sadly, Razer doesn’t offer a cheaper bundle deal for purchasers of both products.

You can join the discussion on Razer’s new Meta Quest 3 accessories on the OC3D Forums.

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