Xbox plans to deliver “the largest technical leap ever seen in a hardware generation” with their next-generation Xbox

A next-generation Xbox is in the works, and it will be a powerful console

As part of their “Updates on the Xbox Business” podcast, Microsoft’s Sarah Bond, President of Xbox, confirmed that a next-generation Xbox is in the works. Furthermore, she confirmed that the system would deliver “the largest technical leap that you’ll have ever seen in a hardware generation”. That’s a lofty goal for Microsoft’s Xbox Series X successor.

At this time, it is unknown what Microsoft plans to bring to the table with their next-generation Xbox. We can expect to see the usual increases in CPU and GPU performance, but what will make this “the largest technical leap that you’ll have ever seen in a hardware generation”. Will AI be what delivers a tremendous performance leap? Will Microsoft’s next Xbox have a Neural Processing Unit (NPU) like many newer Windows laptops?

Expect to see new hardware this “holiday”

Microsoft has both short-term and long term hardware plans for Xbox. Sarah Bond discussed a “robust and innovative multi-year hardware roadmap”. This roadmap includes hardware that should release this year. This hardware includes “more console and controller options”.

What will Microsoft’s next-generation Xbox look like?

So far, Microsoft has confirmed nothing about their next Xbox console. All that is officially confirmed is that there will be a next-generation Xbox. That said, we can make some informed guesses about Microsoft’s next-generation console.

It is probable that Microsoft will continue to partner with AMD to create their next-generation gaming system. With AMD, Microsoft will have an easier time ensuring that their next-generation system, is backwards compatible with all Xbox Series X/S compatible games. This should include compatible Xbox One, Xbox 360, and Original Xbox titles. Choosing AMD will also allow Microsoft to take advantage of the latest hardware innovations within their new console.

Assuming that AMD is Microsoft’s hardware partner, Xbox could utilise Zen (5 or 6?) CPU cores and RDNA (5?) graphics within their console. Microsoft could also utilise an AMD XDNA NPU within their system for AI processing. Microsoft could even work with AMD on some custom additions to their console to help enable peak gaming performance.

If we look at today’s state of the art gaming hardware, it is clear that ray tracing performance and AI performance will be important factors for Xbox. A strong DLSS-like upscaling solution will be important. Having performant ray tracing hardware will also be important. For their next console, Microsoft could even opt to create a 3D chiplet-based console, something that could potentially reduce the cost or maximise the performance of their next-gen gaming system.

Based on Microsoft’s statements, we can expect to see revised Xbox console designs and new Xbox controllers later this year. Don’t expect to hear anything more about Microsoft’s next Xbox anytime soon. Rumour has it that Microsoft could launch a next-generation Xbox as early as 2026, though this has not been confirmed.

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