Need a big MicroSD card? Samsung’s EVO Select 512GB card has reached its lowest ever price

Need a big MicroSD card? Samsung's EVO Select 512GB card has reached its lowest ever price

Samsung’s £33 EVO Select 512GB SSD card is an ideal upgrade for your Steam Deck or Switch

MicroSD cards are incredibly useful, being usable across a vast range of devices that include smartphones, cameras, games consoles, security devices and more. MicroSD cards are an ideal option for those who want to add additional storage to compatible devices, or to quickly move data to and from compatible devices. 

For Steam Deck and Nintendo Switch users, MicroSD cards are vital for gamers with large gaming libraries, and these users benefit not just from high storage capacities, but also from fast storage devices. This is why faster than normal A2 SSDs are preferable to slower drives.

Today, Samsung’s 512GB Value Select MicroSD card is available for £33.99 in the UK, which is much lower than this drive’s usual price of £40+. This MicroSD card is an A2 rated MicroSD card, which means that it is faster than your average MicroSD card, offering users a read speed of up to 130 MB/s. For a little more than £30, this is a solid buy, offering users decent speeds and a low asking price. 

With larger 1TB MicroSD cards costing more than three times what this drive is worth, owners of MicroSD devices are likely better off with multiple 512GB MicroSD cards instead of a single, larger 1TB card.

512GB MicroSD

– Samsung 512GB Value Select UHS-1 U3 A2 V30 MicroSD card with Adapter – £32.99 – Amazon UK

Need a big MicroSD card? Samsung's EVO Select 512GB card has reached its lowest ever price  

What if I want more?

If you demand a larger capacity MicroSD card, Integral’s 1TB Professional High Speed 180 MB/s model is what you should be looking into. With an asking price of £118.48, this drive is cheaper than most competing offerings, and as a A2 rated card with a 180 MB/s read speed and 150 MB/s write speed rating, it should be faster too. Yes, you have to pay a premium for MicroSD card capacities of over 512GB, but if you want more storage and don’t want to switch out MicroSD cards constantly, 1TB MicroSD cards are a great choice for storage-hungry users.

1TB MicroSD

Integral 1TB MicroSD U3 V30 A2 MicroSD card with Adapter – £118.48  

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