Scan UK’s selling a killer 1TB Steam Deck SSD upgrade for under £100

Scan UK's selling a killer 1TB Steam Deck SSD upgrade for under £100

Western Digital’s 1TB SN740 M.2 2230 SSD is the ideal drive for Surface and Steam Deck upgrades

Scan UK has just informed us that they now have the 1TB model of Western Digital’s 1TB SN740 SSD in stock and ready to ship, a PCIe 4.0 M.2 2230 SSD that can fit into compact systems and deliver staggering 5,150 MB/s sequential read speeds. 

Sadly, M.2 2230 SSDs are hard to acquire within the consumer space, but that has not stopped Scan UK from acquiring these drives to UK buyers a safe place to by SSDs within this rare form factor. Beyond that, Scan’s £100 pricing is a genuine bargain when compared to other M.2 2230 SSD sellers.

With 1TB of storage, Western Digital’s SN740 is two times larger than the largest Steam Deck storage option, giving users of Valve’s gaming handheld a tonne of onboard storage. If combined with a large MicroSD card, Steam Deck users can have access to multiple terabytes of SSD storage on the go. Better still, this drive should also be faster than Valve’s stock SSD options. 

The M.2 2230 SSD form factor is also used within Microsoft’s newer Surface series devices, allowing these drives to also serve well as Surface storage upgrades. Surface laptops with 1TB SSDs are usually very expensive, but with WD’s SN740 2230 SSDs, you can get a 1TB upgrade for under £100.

Scan UK

– Western Digital SN740 1TB SSD – £99.98 

Scan UK's selling a killer 1TB Steam Deck SSD upgrade for under £100

For £100, Western Digital’s SN740 SSD is a genuine bargain for Steam Deck upgraders, offering a huge amount of storage for relatively little money. I expect this drive to sell out quickly at Scan, but thankfully Scan has stated that they have more drives on the way.

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