Want to install Windows 11 today? Here’s how to do it

Want to install Windows 11 today? Here's how to do it

Microsoft releases Installation Tools for Windows 11  

Windows 11 is here. Microsoft’s Windows 10 successor is now available to download, offering users a new UI, a range of new software features and optimisations for the latest processors. 

Love it or hate it, Windows 11 has launched, and with it comes new ISO files and installation tools from Microsoft. Starting today, PC users can upgrade their systems to Windows 11, with no need for beta software or potentially unstable builds from Microsoft’s Windows Insider program. 

Today, there are two main ways to install Windows 11 on your PC. An upgrade install over your existing Windows 10 install or a clean install using Windows 11 Installation Media or a Windows 11 Disk Image (ISO File). 

Upgrade Install

For those who want to upgrade from Windows 10 to Windows 11, Microsoft has created a Windows 11 Installation Assistant App, which can be used to upgrade a compatible Windows 10 system to Windows 11. This will install Windows 11 from within your Windows 10 environment, acting as the most straightforward way for Windows 10 users to install Windows 11. 

This method will not require installation media. All you will need is enough free storage for the install on your Windows 11 complaint PC. 

Clean Install

For those who want a clean slate with their Windows 11 install, you have two options. Option 1 is to create bootable installation media (such as a USB memory stick or DVD) using Microsoft’s Windows 11 Media Creation Tool. After creating Windows 11 installation media, you can use it to create a clean install of Windows 11 on your system. 

Alternatively, you can download Microsoft’s Windows 11 Disk Image, an ISO file that can be used to create installation media via alternative means. Microsoft’s ISO file also acts as a valuable means for installing Windows 11 on a virtual machine. 

You can download Windows 11’s Installation Assistant, Installation Media Creation Tool, and Windows 11 Disk Image ISO files here. 

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Want to install Windows 11 today? Here's how to do it