Xbox 360 hack Spurring Demand For DL DVD Discs

News Posted 09/11/06
Author: Matthew Fogg (PV5150)
Source: Digitimes

XBOX 360 logo

According to an online source, Taiwan optical disc makers makers have indicated that demand has been warming up for DVD+R/-R DL (single-sided double-layer) discs recently, following the increased availability of a modding hack that allows for the playing of pirated games on Xbox 360 consoles.

According to various media reports, the hacked games need to be burned onto a dual-layer DVD using a special process before they can be played. Before the hack became widely available, sales for DVD+R/-R discs had been sluggish due to its relative high retail price and limited applications.

Demand is also driven from the extending penetration rate of DL-support recorders, the sources added. Global DVD+R/-R DL disc shipments are expected to reach 100 million in 2006 and should double in 2007, according to Japan-based Fujiwara research. Taiwan players are more optimistic about shipment trends, projecting sales of more than 100 million DVD+R/-R discs for this year.

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