Acer Talks Up Timeline Series, 3D Notebook

Acer Talks Up Timeline Series, 3D Notebook
The 3D-capable notebook will have a software to turn 2D films into exciting 3D onesComputer systems manufacturer Acer today unveiled its notebook plans for the coming months; these include a 3D notebook and a new series of ultra-thin 11.6in Timeline notebooks. While the 3D notebook is expected to launch in October, the Timeline series should start shipping next month.
Campbell Kan, VP of Acer’s mobile computer arm showed off a prototype 3D-capable notebook (image shown courtesy of Digitimes), and informed that the system is being developed jointly with Wistron. Running Windows 7, the 15.6in notebook will feature the ability to turn old and boring 2D films into new, exciting 3D ones.
The notebook will also have direct support for 3D films. Other specifications of the notebook are still being worked upon, with Acer focussing on developing a system that does away with those wonky stereoscopic glasses.
Alongside the 3D-capable notebook, Acer also talked about its planned introduction of a new series of ultra-thin notebooks. Featuring an 11.6in screen, the Timeline series will reportedly feature impressive specifications; though the same are yet to be revealed.
The Timeline series will be manufactured by Quanta Computers and become available with retailers starting July. To make sure the Timeline series does not clash with the similarly sized Aspire One netbook series, Acer plans to phase out the older models. It is also considering the possibility of reducing prices of the Aspire One series to keep the two groups apart.
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