ASUS executive hits at next-generation ROG Ally 2 plans

ASUS are aiming to launch an ROG Ally 2 handheld later this year, VP claims

According to Techlusive India, ASUS have confirmed that they plan to release an ROG Ally successor later this year. This was revealed by ASUS India’s Arnold Su, the company’s Vice President of Consumer and Gaming PC System Business Group. It was suggested that ASUS could launch an ROG Ally 2 handheld this year.

Below is what ASUS’ Arnold Su had to say about their ROG Ally successor.

we most likely will launch a second generation (ROG Ally) this year. We will still keep the Windows (11) features, but we will focus more on gaming.

MSI has already confirmed that they have next-generation Claw handhelds in the pipeline. With this in mind, it makes sense for ASUS to already be considering a next-generation ROG Ally.

At this time, it is unknown what specifications ASUS’ next-generation ROG Ally will have. Our guess is that the system will feature AMD’s upcoming Strix Point APU, which reportedly features four Zen 5 CPU cores and eight Zen 5c CPU cores and sixteen RDNA 3.5 compute units. We also expect the device to feature faster memory.

Today’s flagship ROG Ally model features eight Zen 4 CPU cores and twelve RDNA 3 Compute Units. With Strix Point silicon, ASUS’ ROG Ally 2 could feature 33% more GPU compute units and whatever performance of efficiency benefits to AMD’s RDNA 3.5 architecture provides.

Given the unknown capabilities of both Zen 5 and RDNA 3.5, we can only guess at the kinds of performance gains that ASUS’ next-generation ROG Ally will have over its predecessor. A 33% increase in compute unit count is considerable, but will the device have the power efficiency to make strong use of this hardware while maintaining a strong battery life?

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