ASUS launches ROG branded CAT7 for 10Gb networks

ASUS launches ROG branded CAT7 for 10Gb networks

ROG joins the high-speed ethernet club with its CAT7 10Gb cables

ASUS has just listed a high-speed 10Gb ethernet cable on its ROG website, allowing the company to join the CAT7 club. Why CAT7, branding primarily. CAT7 is not an official IEEE standard, and neither is it approved by the TIA/EIA. CAT7 doesn’t deliver any real-world benefits over CAT6A, but CAT 7 does sound a lot better than CAT6A, doesn’t it? 

Strangely, ASUS has even gone non-standard with its CAT7 cable, using RJ45 cable connectors instead of the CAT7 standard’s GG45 connector. This alteration provides users with no functional changes but gives PC builders a familiar-looking ethernet connection. ASUS’ ROG CAT7 ethernet cables will be available with 1.5m and 3m cable lengths. 

ASUS ROG has stated that its CAT7 cables use 4 Shielded Twisted Pairs (STP) of copper wires and additional shielding beyond that. This design offers increased protection from cross-talk, increasing signal integrity by minimising noise and interference. This helps to ensure that this cable can deliver its maximum speeds. ASUS’ ROG ethernet cables also feature nylon braiding and a velcro ROG cable tie. 

At this time, we do not know the pricing of ASUS’ new ROG ethernet cable, but we do not expect them to cost exorbitant amounts of money. With 10Gb Ethernet connections become more common on high-end routers and motherboards, ASUS has seen the need to launch branded ROG ethernet cables to match their products and offer their customers a cable that had their branding onboard.    

ASUS launches ROG branded CAT7 for 10Gb networks

10Gb compatible ethernet cables are not new, and consumers will likely have much cheaper solutions available to them if they want 10Gb compatible ethernet. That said, be careful and make sure that you purchase cables that offer the specifications that you need, as high-speed networking requires high-speed cables. Not all ethernet cables support 10Gb. 

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