Fixing Linus’ Mistake – Overclockers UK fixes The Spiffing Brit’s tea-filled PC

Overclockers UK fixes The Spiffing Brit’s tea-filled PC

Last year Linus Tech Tips built a tea-filled PC for The Spiffing Brit, the game-breaking, tea-drinking, YouTuber. Sadly, this PC didn’t survive its journey from Linus’ native Canada to the UK. Between broken parts and mouldy coolant, many core aspects of this custom PC needed to be fixed. Thankfully, Overclockers UK, the popular PC retailer have bravely stepped in to “unbreak” The Spiffing Brit’s custom system.

As many predicted, tea turned out to be a poor PC coolant. Over time the tea got mouldy and that isn’t good for a liquid cooling setup. Beyond that, the PCIe riser card within this PC was damaged during shipping, ensuring that the system wouldn’t function without repairs. What was once a perfectly balanced PC has been broken and exploited by tea and careless couriers.

Overclockers UK couldn’t let this stand, and agreed to repair this custom PC for The Spiffing Brit. Below is a video documenting the process. Surprisingly, most part of this PC were reusable. This PC’s liquid cooling radiators and GPU water block all worked after they were flushed and cleaned. That said, this PC’s liquid cooling pump and CPU water block needed to be replaced, as did all of this PC’s tubing. The system also needed a new PCIe riser card.

Tea PC upgrades!

Aside from fixing all tea-related damage, Overclockers UK also gave the PC some major upgrades. What we have now is a custom blend of tea-coloured coolant (not real tea this time). The system has also been upgraded with the power of Yorkshire Tea! I wonder if The Spiffing Brit owns a Yorkshire Tea controller?

Now, with the power of an Nvidia RTX 4090 and an Intel i9-13900K CPU, The Spiffing Brit and his newly christened “Big Dave” PC will be able to break and exploit games at a whole new level. Thank Overclockers UK!

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