Lenovo’s Legion Go Gaming Handheld Leaks with Switch-like controllers

Lenovo's Legion Go Gaming Handheld Leaks with Switch-like controllers

Lenovo’s planned Legion Go gaming handheld has been pictured

Valve’s Steam Deck has started a handheld PC gaming revolution, and Lenovo is the latest company to jump into this exciting new market. Under their Legion brand, Lenovo plans to create a Windows-based PC gaming handheld called the Legion Go, and based on leaked images from Windows Report, the device looks a lot like Nintendo’s Switch handheld.

With removable controller segments, Lenovo’s planned Legion Go handheld looks like it can be separated into a screen segment and a dedicated gamepad, allowing users to place the Legion Go’s screen where they wish using its folding stand. This design makes the Legion Go an incredibly versatile mobile gaming device, and the addition of a trackpad gives the handheld an advantage over products like ASUS’ ROG Ally, which only features touch screen and gamepad control options.

Like the ROG Ally, Lenovo’s Legion Go will utilise Microsoft’s Windows 11 OS and be based on an AMD Phoenix processor, giving the handheld the power of Zen 4 Ryzen CPU cores and Radeon RDNA 3 graphics. Unlike the ROG Ally, which features a 7-inch 1080p screen, the Lenovo Legion Go features a larger 8-inch screen, making the Legion Go a larger device. This increased size is likely why Lenovo decided to give the device removable controllers and a kickstand, as this device is likely be less comfortable as a handheld device during longer gaming sessions.

Lenovo's Legion Go Gaming Handheld Leaks with Switch-like controllers

Lenovo’s Legion Go also appears to have two USB Type-C ports, with one on the bottom of the device and another on the top. The device also features a headphone jack and a MicroSD slot.

Currently, the weight of the Lenovo Legion Go is unknown, and it is unknown how large the device’s battery is when compared to competing devices like the ROG Ally. With this device being Windows based, it will support all modern PC games without compatibility issues, giving this device a key advantage over Valve’s Steam Deck, though this has its downsides as Windows 11 is not as handheld-friendly as SteamDeckOS.

Lenovo's Legion Go Gaming Handheld Leaks with Switch-like controllers

With the addition of a trackpad, Lenovo’s Legion Go will be a much better device for playing some games when compared with the ROG Ally, with titles like Civilization VI being a prime example. Hopefully, Lenovo will reveal more about this gaming handheld soon, and launch the product without too much of a wait. If Lenovo waits too long, there will be calls for the company to update the device to use a newer AMD SOC, as AMD are expected to launch Zen 5 processors in 2024, and update their iGPU technology to a newer RDNA 4, or RDNA 3.5 graphics architecture. 

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