MSI’s Claw handheld receives a boost with new BIOS and driver updates

MSI’s Claw handheld has just received a major performance boost

Thanks to the release of new BIOS and driver updates, MSI has given their Claw gaming handheld a huge performance boost. MSI has claimed that these updates allow their handheld to smoothly play the top 100 games on Steam. That makes the Claw an excellent mobile gaming device, and MSI claims that more optimisations are to come.

In the chart below, MSI has showcased performance gains of between 5% and 150% in games. These performance gains come from MSI’s firmware/BIOS tweaks, and though MSI’s latest ARC GPU drivers. These driver releases have had a huge impact on the gaming performance of the Intel ARC GPU inside MSI’s Claw handheld. For example, a recent update boosted Mass Effect Legendary Edition’s performance by 48%.

In Monster Hunter World and Cyberpunk 2077, MSI has delivered performance gains of over 50%. Grand Theft Auto V has also seen its performance boosted significantly, with MSI reporting a 40% improvement.

MSI has stated that they are actively working with Intel to optimise their Claw gaming handheld.

MSI, a leading brand in gaming, content creation, and business and productivity laptops, is proud to announce that its gaming handheld, Claw, has achieved a significant boost in gaming performance, with an increase of up to 150% through new BIOS and GPU drivers. Moreover, the updated BIOS and GPU drivers enable the Claw to smoothly play the top 100 popular games on the Steam platform, providing an excellent mobile gaming experience.

The new E1T41IMS.106 BIOS (referred to as 106) and GPU driver (referred to as 5445) for the MSI Claw have significantly enhanced gaming performance according to internal tests. For instance, the performance of the well-known open-world horror game “7 Days to Die” increased by up to 150%. Other popular games such as “Monster Hunter World” and “Cyberpunk 2077” also saw performance improvements of over 50% with the new BIOS and GPU drivers, providing a smoother gaming experience.

With each update to their handheld, MSI believes that they are making their product better. Firmware updates, GPU driver updates, and MSI Center M updates all play a role here. How much better can the Claw become? I guess we will have to wait and see.

Firmware/BIOS updates for MSI’s Claw handheld are available from MSI’s website.

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