Nintendo’s next-gen Switch is targeting a 2024 launch, and dev kits are already available

Nintendo's next-gen Switch is targeting a 2024 launch, and dev kits are already available

Key partners already have access to Nintendo’s next-generation Switch development kits

Nintendo’s Switch console is using outdated hardware. The Nvidia Tegra X1 SOC that powers the handheld was launched by Nvidia in 2015, two years before the Nintendo Switch’s 2017 release. With only 4GB of RAM, and ARM Cortex A57 and  A53 CPU cores, the Switch’s processor can be overpowered by most modern smartphones with ease, and developers are crying out for new hardware. 

According to a report from Video Games Chronicle, Nintendo has plans to release a next-generation console in the second half of 2024. This new product is said to feature the same level of portability of Nintendo’s current Switch platform, retain support for cartridges, and boast much higher end hardware. The Switch’s Tegra X1 CPU is now eight years old, and that means that Nintendo’s new console can benefit from almost a decade of new hardware innovations. 

Nintendo are reportedly considering an LCD screen for their next-generation handheld to help lower the cost of their new device, as their next-generation Switch will require a lot more internal storage and RAM than its predecessor. It is unclear if Nintendo’s new device will support Switch games through backwards compatibility, as there are concerns amongst Nintendo partners that legacy game support will negatively impact the sales of newer, next-generation titles. 

Nintendo's next-gen Switch is targeting a 2024 launch, and dev kits are already available

With a newer processor, and more memory, Nintendo’s next-generation handheld should be able to deliver much stronger gaming experiences than their current-generation Switch system. Nintendo has reportedly given next-generation development kits to their key partners, allowing them to develop launch titles ahead of their next-generation console’s release next year. 

If Nintendo has opted to continue using Nvidia hardware in their next-generation Switch, Nintendo’s next-generation handheld could benefit from Nvidia technologies like DLSS, a hardware/software feature that could allow Nintendo’s new system to punch well above its weight class. Newer ARM CPU cores and additional memory will also allow developers to create more complex games, allowing more high-end games from Xbox Series X, and PlayStation 5 to make their way onto Nintendo’s new console.  

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