Razer’s Project Linda Prototype turns the Razer Phone into a laptop

Razer's Project Linda turns the Razer Phone into a laptop

Razer’s Project Linda turns the Razer Phone into a laptop

Razer has revealed Project Linda, a prototype device that can be used to convert the company’s Razer Phone into a Laptop. While this idea is not new, it is undeniable that Razer has created an attractive package here, developing a system that follows their usual notebook designs closely. 

With this prototype, Razer’s phone becomes the laptop’s trackpad, and the laptop’s 13.3-inch screen becomes the primary display for the device. The dock will connect the phone to the dock using USB type-C, offering a satisfying clicking sound as the units merge. This model does not use a touchscreen, though Razer does state that they plan to add a touch-enabled display to a future prototype. 


Razer's Project Linda turns the Razer Phone into a laptop

Users of this device will be created with a Chrome OS-like interface, with the system being usable with Bluetooth mice to enable a more PC-like experience. The unit also offers a Razer Chroma RGB keyboard, offering full RGB functionality and at this time it is unknown if the device contains a power source to extend its battery life. 

At this time Razer has not committed to a commercial release of Project Linda, with the device’s current implementation offering users a lot of annoying bugs and crashes. Like most Razer prototype’s, Project Linda is an interesting idea, though it is unknown if we will ever see the device hit the market. 

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