Expect AMD’s Anti-Lag+ technology to return “soon”

AMD’s Anti-Lag+ technology is said to return “soon” – Frank Azor claims

Back in October 2023, AMD were forced to remove the company’s “Anti-Lag+” technology from their Radeon GPU drivers over anti-cheat concerns. To make a long story short, AMD’s new lag reducing technology was being mistaken for a cheating tool by the anti-cheating solutions of some games. This caused some players of games like Counter Strike 2 to receive VAC bans.

Following the removal of Anti-Lag+ from their Radeon drivers, AMD has been working on their technology with plans to return it to their driver stack. Now, AMD’s Frank Azor has confirmed that Radeon Anti-Lag+ will be “coming soon” to AMD Software.

Right now, it is unknown what changes AMD has made to their lag reducing technology. Will it become a driver-based feature once again? Will it become a SDK/game integration feature like Nvidia Reflex? I guess we will have to wait and see what AMD has in store for gamers.

Why is AMD’s Anti-Lag+ technology important?

AMD’s Anti-Lag technologies make PC games feel more responsive. Lag reduction technologies achieve this by reducing the time between key inputs and seeing the effect of those inputs on-screen. This can give gamers a competitive advantage in online shooters like Counter Strike 2. Reduced input lag also helps games to simply feel better to play.

Nvidia has their own lag reducing technology called Nvidia Reflex. Developers must directly integrated Nvidia Reflex into their games. By doing this, Nvidia avoids anti-cheat systems by making their lag reduction technology an official game feature, not a driver tweak. AMD could follow Nvidia’s lead by making Anti-Lag+ an implementable game feature. That said, such a change would mean that fewer games will benefit from Anti-Lag+.

AMD’s original approach to lag reduction allows the company to add the feature to more games. This means that a lack of developer interest or resources can’t prevent AMD from adding their feature to their games.

You can join the discussion on the upcoming return of AMD Anti-Lag+ on the OC3D Forums.

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