AMD Eco Mode Guide for AM5

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AMD Eco Mode Guide for AM5


If you've been looking at our review of the newest 7000 series of processors from AMD you'll have noticed two things. Firstly, the performance is truly spectacular, and whilst the motherboards might be priced at a level usually reserved for gold-plated, diamond-encrusted 90" OLED televisions, the capability of the CPUs is beyond reproach.

The second thing that was impossible to escape was how capable they are when in the new AMD Eco Mode. Not only is the performance relatively close to the stock settings, but the temperatures dropped from the ninety degree range down to a peak of mid sixties. From terrible boy-bands to The Beatles if you will. Additionally the power draw at the wall of our AMD Ryzen 7 7700X system went from 254W at stock to 214W. If you prefer the big Ryzen 9 7950X then the power draw in Eco Mode was below the Ryzen 7 7700X at stock too. Yet the performance remained equivalent to their flagship CPU.

What it allows us to do is reduce the TDC of the 7900X and 7950X down from 170W to 105W then also bring down the 7600X and 7700X from its stock level of 105W to just 65w! As you can see then pretty much moves the two CPU's down to the power usage from the processors below them, its a really difficult thing to try and get across in text which is why we have also made a video you can find at the bottom of the next page.

Just for reference these are the settings required for each of the TDP's 

AMD Eco Mode Guide for AM5  

Now Eco Mode is due to be included in BIOS as a one click option, but for the moment it still requires a manual procedure. We are happy to help you hit all the right buttons. We'll be using an ASUS BIOS as our demonstrator, but thanks to the unified AMD BIOS the options should be the same everywhere.

Naturally be careful what you click, and particularly later when inputting numbers. However, even if you've never hit the magic delete key when booting to get into the BIOS, you'll be able to follow along. Let's go.

Setting Changes

We're using the Ryzen 7 7700X here. First up, go from the main page to the Advanced Tab.

AMD Eco Mode Guide for AM5  

Once in Advanced, scroll all the way down to the bottom, off the currently viewable list, until you reach AMD Overclocking at the bottom.

AMD Eco Mode Guide for AM5  

Like so. The press enter.

AMD Eco Mode Guide for AM5  

This is the big scary warning page you need to accept before it will let you continue. Don't panic though, nothing we're doing (assuming you follow accurately) will damage your CPU in any way.

AMD Eco Mode Guide for AM5  

Now to the important bit.


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29-09-2022, 21:06:22

Is it possible to state the actual performance loss?Quote

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Originally Posted by MiNo View Post
Is it possible to state the actual performance loss?

Its in the review graphs already dude

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