NZXT Reveals its AER Audio Ecosystem

NZXT Reveals its AIR Audio Ecosystem

NZXT Reveals its AER Audio Ecosystem

In case you haven’t noticed, NZXT is expanding. They are no longer just a case manufacturer, having expanded into fans, lighting, cooling, motherboards and power supplies. Now, NZXT is opening itself up the audio market, starting off with a strong lineup of headsets, microphones, mixers and stands. 

That’s right, NZXT isn’t going to test the waters with a single product. They are serious about audio, revealing their AIR series of headsets, their MXER series audio mixer and their STND headset stand. 

Let’s start by talking about NZXT’s AER gaming headset, which will ship in both Closed-back and Open-back forms, complete with white, black and purple (closed back only)colour options. The headset is due to cost $129.99 in the US and ship with 40mm drivers, a soft comfort-oriented design and a modular design which allows the headset’s cables and microphone to be replaced. 

The NZXT MXER control system is designed to allow users to switch between their speakers and headset easily, control voice/game volume mixes on the fly and quickly adjust the volumes of various audio playback devices. The mixer uses 11 LEDs to indicate volume and is due to release for $99.99. 

Finally, there is NZXT’s SND stand, which will release with black and white colour options for $39.99 in the US. The stand is designed for use if NZXT’s other audio products, though it can be used with headsets from competing brands (it is just a stand after all…). When used with NZXT’s MXER, the STND can sense when a headset is removed from the stand and instantly switch audio from the user’s speakers to their headset and vice-versa when a headset is returned.  

   The complete NZXT audio line components are high-end desktop PC gaming products by themselves, but when combined, they unlock additional functionality and performance. When the STND and MXER are paired together, it allows the user to alternate seamlessly between headset audio and speaker audio. Placing even the lightweight AER headset on the STND automatically switches audio to your connected speakers. Removing it from the STND returns the audio feed back to your headset.

NZXT’s AIR series of audio components is due to release soon. 

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